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Dreamer, the one word I would use to describe myself. My dream is to become a "King" in my own right. From a small beginning to being a recognizable person, my "Kingly" journey is one worthy of telling. My hope is that others gain a sense of inspiration and motivation through my story. Be it through my book, athletics, or miscellaneous hobbies, I am telling my story. My story is one filled with moments of victory, defeat, tension, and lessons. This is the story of the timid boy who became a proud King. A story defined by two words –Walk Tall.

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My Books

For the Man Who Walks Tall 

Special Edition: For the Man Who Walks Tall

Book Reviews

"This book detailing Arthur’s life was an amazing read because a lot of people may have seen Arthur the athlete simply on the track, but now we can see a glimpse of Arthur the human being. I enjoyed reading this and getting an insight into who Arthur Price is."


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